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Web Magi is an accomplished web design / web development company based in Flagstaff Arizona, with 24 years experience serving a global business community. Our services include Web Design, Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, Branding, Animation, Motion Graphics, Video & Audio Editing, UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Print Design, Front-end Development, WooCommerce, WordPress w/Security, SEO, & Email Marketing.

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Need to update a tired old website design? We've got you covered. Is your website still not mobile-friendly? We can completely rebuild it from scratch with a single codebase for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Tired of paying someone else to update your site? Now is the perfect time to upgrade to that Content Management System you've been needing. Have an idea for a mobile app or mobile game? We would love the opportunity to help bring your ideas to life.

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Fun with Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Animation

Adobe Creative Cloud, Toon Boom Animate, and Blender are some of the software applications we use to create unique and eye-catching graphics, with Creative Cloud containing After Effects, Animate, Dimension, Photoshop, & Illustrator. Graphics separate, enhance, and compliment color schemes, define ideas and functionality, and generate emotion. From our point of view, the term "Professional Web Designs" implies a high level of expertise in graphic design as well. We believe you cannot separate the two. We also believe that, regardless of the education or sophistication of the audience, a well-designed website is more likely to be noticed, read, and understood.
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GoBot Nano - A Game by Web Magi

Game Design & Development

There have been great strides in this area over the last few years, and we are happy to extend this service to our clients. If you have an idea for a game, we would love to speak with you. As always, all consultations are confidential & free!

This service includes the design and development of a mobile game - either intended for the app stores (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.), consoles, Steam, the web, or a combination of these platforms.

All work is custom, designed and built from scratch to fit your exact needs and budget. As such, project costs will vary greatly. The average range of pricing for the design and development of a new game is between $3,965 (no user management or back-end services) and $20,865. Obviously, development costs can increase considerably for games that are more complex, with more levels, and require Leaderboards, push notifications, in-app purchases, security, monetization, game analytics, etc., etc.

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Micro Mobile Apps for Business Mobility

Micro Apps for Business Mobility

I've been designing and building mobile apps for many years now. One of the developments I’m most keen to share with you is the use of task oriented micro apps, and more specifically, how they can add mobility to your business.

Micro apps can improve your daily workflows by providing micro-moments of productivity for business owners and their employees, on site and on the go. They are highly focused, simplified apps designed to allow you to mobilize and streamline a specific task or business processes out of the office, on the go, or out in the field, from your mobile device.

Replacing paper-based processes with micro apps can be a great way to enable staff to be more effective and more productive. As an example, one might open a specific app on their smartphone, tap to create a new record, check the relevant boxes, provide a description, and submit it to the system. Nothing to be typed up later at an office computer, no paperwork to lose. What makes mobility apps even smarter, is that your task can be enriched or validated using some of the devices own capabilities, like voice memos, camera, GPS/mapping, and more.

Here are a few additional use cases:

- Process automation (forms, routing)
- Audits
- Charts
- Collaboration
- Document/records management
- Field sales/service
- ERP Logistics Operations
- Project management
- and many others

Micro apps can improve most any routine task. The question is, what does your staff do throughout the day, week, month, or year (within your various business processes) that could be streamlined by a simple task-oriented micro app? The best way to gauge how useful a micro app might be, is to gather with your various teams and staff members and brainstorm. What tasks or business processes do they now perform that could be done faster and easier by a carefully tailored micro app? You might be surprised how quickly ideas begin to flow.

Also, are there ways an app might enrich your existing and/or prospective clients?

I would be happy to discuss all of this with you at your convenience.

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Responsive Web Design

If you currently have a responsive website, then you're most likely familiar with the term "Responsive Web Design" (RWD). If not, let me introduce the concept to you with a simple info graphic:

This is not the web
This is the web

Responsive Web Design means having one website with a single code/content base that responds, or adapts, to fit the screen of the device viewing it. This allows for the best possible experience across the largest array of devices. Another important term for RWD sites is mobile friendly. More and more people are using their mobile devices to search for, engage small business owners, and make purchases. A mobile-friendly website gives users access to your content in a way that is both visually appealing, and easy to use. The helps to build confidence in themselves, which translates to having more confidence that your website, your business, and your services are right for them.

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